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Be Informed

Unfortunately not every contractor follows the rules and uses good work practices. So many people come to us after having been taken for a ride by the cheap and nasty knock off guy who will promise the earth and deliver only mud.

We aim to keep you informed so you can make the best choice of contractor.

Check Licences

Ensure you work with a QBCC licensed and insured builder. Remember without a QBCC contract and QBCC issued home warranty insurance your renovations and property are at risk.

Always perform a QBCC license search on your prospective contractor. Ensure they have a good history with just a quick google search.

Clear Paper Trail

Any project with structural works involved is required to have a building certifier collect the relevant forms and lodge them with council.

If no structural work is involved (Eg. A standard bathroom renovation) then your builder should still provide you with any relevant documents such as Form 4 Plumbing alterations - Form 16s Waterproofing, Glazings, Termite.

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